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Mobile fall arrest systems

Meets OSHA Requirements 1926.502(b) (15) and (16) and 1910.29(b)

The Badger cart is an OSHA compliant mobile anchor point that can protect four workers at a time: two in fall arrest and two in restraint. It’s the perfect solution for worker safety during commercial roofing projects.

In the event of a fall, the hardened steel claw deeply penetrates built-up roofs, TPO, ISO EPDM and 20 and 22 -gauge steel decks. This anchors the cart in place, protecting workers from falling.

(When working on a non-penetrable surface such as concrete, use the Cobra Cart™.)

The Badger cart’s wheelbarrow design enables it to turn on a dime for quick positioning with best-in-class maneuverability.

Weighing at just 625 lbs., the Badger cart is one of the lightest 4-person (2-person fall arrest, 2-person restraint) mobile tie points in the industry and can be quickly deployed where needed. It’s easily transportable in a truck bed and designed to fit in elevators with doors as narrow as 40” wide.

The Badger cart is small and compact, using less storage than competing designs.

  • Wheelbarrow like maneuverability
  • Two workers in restraint and two in arrest
  • Hardened steel penetrating claw for arrest
  • Integrated fork tine pockets and lifting eyes
  • Flat-free tires
  • Rubber padded base to protect rooftops


Part Number 462-001-001
Worker Capacity Two person restraint and two person arrest simultaneously
Allowable Substrates Built-up roofs, TPO, ISO, EPDM, PVC and 20 and 22-gauge metal decks. Restraint only on concrete decking
Finish Powder coated safety yellow
Weight 625 lbs.
Length 58” transport mode, 44” storage mode
Width 40”
Height 44” transport mode, 48” storage mode
Country of Origin USA

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.


Part No Description
462-001-001 Badger – 4 person mobile anchor point


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