Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

LifePoint™ Deluxe

Two-person Fall Arrest and Restraint Mobile Anchor

Meets OSHA Requirement 1926.502(d) (15) and (16)

The LifePoint Deluxe is a mobile safety harness tie-off device that provides fall protection for two people: fall arrest for one and fall restraint for one, or fall restraint for two.

LifePoint Deluxe is a complete fall arrest system and works without penetrating the roof. With the handle folded back, the body of the LifePoint rests securely on the roof deck to provide the fall resistance needed to protect two people. The ratcheted handle lifts the body of the unit up onto its wheels allowing it to be moved as needed.

  • OSHA compliant tie-off cart when no other OSHA approved anchor is installed
  • Tie off point for two workers, one in arrest and one in restraint or two in restraint
  • Non-penetrating with no anchors in the roof required
  • Integrated cart makes it easy to move by one person to where the work is being done

life point cover
The cover protects the LifePoint from the elements when not in use.


Loaded weight 930 lbs.
Empty cart weight 230 lbs.
Cart finish Safety yellow and zinc plating
Weights 57.3 X 12ea
Weight finish Galvanized
Dimension, anchor mode 70” L X 28” W X 20” H
Dimensions, transport mode 190” L X 28” W X 42” H
Tires Flat-free

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Part No Description
301385 LifePoint Deluxe with steel weights
301384 LifePoint Deluxe with empty weight cans to hold user-provided concrete
156315 LifePoint protective cover protects the LifePoint from the elements


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