A Rich History in the Safety Industry

Since 1959, Garlock Equipment Company has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of quality roofing and fall protection equipment for the commercial flat-industrial roofing market. Located in Plymouth, Minnesota. Garlock’s manufacturing facility features a highly skilled workforce utilizing many of the latest technology based machining centers used in the manufacture of our products. Garlock has also been recognized as the leading innovator of industrial tools, specializing in fall protection equipment, that roofing contractors use every day to build their business and protect their client’s building assets. 

Our Breakthrough in Fall Protection Safety Equipment

In 1980, one such product innovation led to the development of the RailGuard 200 Portable Railing System. Originally developed to protect roofers working on commercial projects, the RailGuard 200 product line quickly evolved into a multi-faceted, cross-functional product that is used throughout industrial plants and commercial facilities around the world. A completely free standing guardrail system, the RailGuard 200 meets or exceeds the OSHA requirements set forth for fall protection equipment. Not only is it a reliable piece of construction safety equipment, no drilling of holes nor tools are required to set it up. It can be assembled and taken down in minutes, and is powerful enough to withstand the weight of a 200-pound man. There are many rail lengths available as well as transport carts, swinging gates, and custom paint finishes and colors. The RailGuard 200 construction safety equipment has many uses including skylight guarding, roof hatch and machine guarding, roof edge protection, and dock maintenance work and door protection. Such a versatile low cost system is virtually invaluable to any work facility.

Keep your workers safe with the Safety Railing found on the biggest Job Sites

RailGuard 200 Portable Safety Railing System, through past years, has been able to prevent numerous commercial fatalities and accidents with optimized fall protection systems. The products of Garlock have been used by some of the biggest brands in the industry such as IBM, General Motors, and US Steel; just to name a couple. Not only have the biggest brands used our safety railing products, they have also been utilized on the biggest job sites around such as the Hoover Dam in Nevada, the Empire State Building in New York, and The Big Dig in Boston. RailGuard 200 products are backed through a nationwide distribution network in charge of stocking and serving the products they sell, providing the best customer service across the industry. RailGuard 200 is the first name in facility and worker fall protection safety. Thousands of brands trust RailGuard 200 for fall protection safety within their workforce—why shouldn’t you? Give us a call today.

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