Fast and Easy

MeasureSafe enables accurate measurement and identification of fall hazards associated with your rooftop for your workers’ safety needs. What used to take hours of climbing and walking on your roof to collect, now takes minutes with the push of a button. To get started, connect with a Garlock Safety Representative to discuss your project. Once qualified, a pilot will fly your facility; we review the data and generate a facility specific solution.

Utilizing Technology

MeasureSafe utilizes the latest in drone technology. This system allows us to get detailed measurements and images of the rooftop and the fall hazards. Keep people safe, gone is the need for people to physically be on an unprotected roof to get measurements. Leverage Garlock Safety Systems MeasureSafe to safely identify rooftop fall hazards.


Interaction is virtual and compliant with CDC guidelines. Direct face‑to‑face contact is not required and consultation are contact‑free. Garlock Safety Systems can review your facility and provide an OSHA compliant solution to protect your workers while being safe in the process.

For a limited time, we are offering free MeasureSafe drone measuring and hazard identification flights that can help you get your project started for a safer tomorrow.
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