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Crossover Stairs

The Safe Way to Move Over Objects

Meets OSHA Requirements 1910.25 and 1910.28 and 1926.451(f) (16)

Garlock Safety Systems crossover stairs use modular, bolt-together components to construct double-sided crossover stairs. Metal stairs, platforms, heavy-duty handrails, and support towers can be combined in any number of ways to fill your unique needs.

This heavy-duty bolt-together design can be quickly assembled on-site and requires no fabrication or onsite welding. The components can be brought up through a hatch, so no hoisting is required. The system ships flat saving freight costs and are assembled with simple hand tools.

The 36” wide stairs can range from a single step up to seven steps before a connection is required to a work platform. Up to three 36” X 36” work platforms can be attached together without the need for a support tower creating a 9’ long span over large or wide obstacles. The continuous handrails meet all OSHA requirements and provides increased safety.

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  • Meets OSHA Requirements 1910.25, 1910.28, 1926.451(f) (16)
  • Modular system quickly bolts together for fast installation with no welding
  • Assembled on-site and components can be brought up through most hatches
  • Many configurations are possible using flexible components
  • Eliminates custom onsite fabrication where OSHA compliance can be suspect
  • Continuous handrail system provides increased safety
  • High traction open treads and platform for best in class slip resistance
  • 36” wide system accommodates people and the tools and supplies they need to carry
  • Heavy-duty steel components make rigid and stable structures
  • Hot dipped galvanized components resist the element for long life
  • Integrated anchoring locations built-in for customer supplied anchors

Toeboard bracket and aluminum toeboard

EasyFit™ Self-Closing Gate

4.25 long concrete anchor, sold individually


Overall System
OSHA regulations Complies with OSHA 1910.25, 1910.28, 1926.451(f) (16)
Component material Hot dipped galvanized steel
Max number of treads Seven treads before platform attachment is required
Number of platforms without a vertical support member Three 36” platforms for 9’ of linear distance
Anchoring Anchoring holes provided for user-supplied anchors
Tread System
Dimensions 9.625” depth, 36” wide, 1.25” high with 9.5” spacing between treads
Tread surface Open grating with high traction surface and solid tread nosing
Handrail System
Pipe material 1.25” schedule 40 hot-dipped galvanized pipe
Fittings Hot dipped galvanized with set screw and bolt attachments
Height 42” top rail, field-installed mid-rail at 21”
Platform System
Dimensions 36” wide, 36” long, 6” high
Platform surface Open grating with a high traction surface
Fastening Six bolts tread to the platform, 8 bolts platform to platform
Crossover Stairs two steps, platform and handrails with diagram

Crossover Stairs two steps, platform, and handrails: Size chart

Crossover Stairs three steps, platform and handrails diagram

Crossover Stairs three steps, platform, and handrails diagram: Size chart

Crossover Stairs four steps, platform and handrails diagram

Crossover Stairs four steps, platform, and handrails diagram: Size chart

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.


Part No Description
430-212-600 Crossover stair kit with handrails, two steps, one platform, galvanized
430-313-600 Crossover stair kit with handrails, three steps, one platform, galvanized
430-414-600 Crossover stair kit with handrails, four steps, one platform, galvanized

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