Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

LifePoint™ Standard

Two Person Fall Arrest and Restraint Mobile Anchor

Meets OSHA Requirement 1926.502(d) (15) and (16)

The LifePoint Standard is an OSHA compliant two-person mobile anchor where one person can be tied off in restraint and one in arrest or two in restraint.

It is non-penetrating meaning there are no anchors drilled into the roof. Instead, it performed come from shear weight and friction on the roof.

Using mobile tie points during guardrail and warning line installation is the perfect solution when no permanently installed OSHA-approved anchors exist.


  • OSHA compliant mobile anchor for two people simultaneously
  • Modular design so weights and tray can be moved separately for easy deployment
  • Heavy-duty high friction coating on the tray delivers a high coefficient of friction and protect delicate roofs
  • Integrated single balanced hoisting point make it easy to hoist up the roof




Optional LifePoint transporter

Makes it quick and easy to reposition the LifePoint to the next work area.


LifePoint Cover

Protects the LifePoint from the elements when not in use.


LifePoint weight 930 lbs.
LifePoint dimensions 28.5” L X 24” W X 13” H
LifePoint Finish Zinc plated with black rubber dipped bottom
LifePoint weights 57 ea.
Optional transport cart weight 112 lbs.
Optional transport cart dimensions 97’ L X 58” W X 24” H

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Part No Description
301512 LifePoint Standard fall protection tie-off anchor
301511 LifePoint Standard transport cart makes it easier to move
156315 LifePoint protective cover protects the LifePoint from the elements


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