Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

LifePoint™ STOP System

Single Person Fall Arrest

Meets OSHA Requirement 1926.502(d) (15) and (16)

The LifePoint™ safety harness offers a non-penetrating single tie off anchor that works on flat surfaces (single ply membrane, BUR, concrete, TPO, and EPDM) with a maximum 5-degree incline. Meets fall-arrest ratings for one person. Modular design sets up quickly with no component over 30 pounds. Optional transport cart allows repositioning quickly without disassembly. Corrosion-resistant for long-term usage.


The new LifePoint™ Single Tie Off Point (STOP) is the perfect safety harness solution for fall protection when circumstances require non-penetrating versatility. The LifePoint™ personal fall arrest system is a free-standing anchor point that can be placed on flat surfaces with a maximum incline of 5%. LifePoint™ can be repositioned in a few minutes by one person.

  • Mobile Fall tie-off anchor point that provides fall arrest for one person
  • Non-Penetrating design protects the surface integrity
  • Modular design has no component over 30 lbs. for quick easy assembly
  • Optional transporter allows fast re-positioning without disassembly
  • Bottom plates are coated with a resilient material to provide the required friction coefficient with roof and as an added benefit will protect roof surfaces from contact with metal parts.
  • Dee ring can be used to hoist the anchor to the roof


LifePoint™ Transport Cart

Reposition LifePoint™ system on the jobsite.

Flat-free tires standard.


Dimensions: 30”x30”x12” (LxWxH)
Weight Fully Assembled: 765 lbs
Counterweights: 26 lbs each (24 required)

Transport Cart
Dimensions: 97”x58”x24”
Weight: 112 lbs

Safety Ratings
OSHA Spec Certified: 1926.502(d) (16) (iv) Fall Arrest
Fall Arrest Rated: (1) person
Fall Restraint Rated: (1) person
Approved Surface use: Poured Concrete, EDPM (adhered & loose laid),
TPO (adhered & loose laid), BUR (swept)

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