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Roof Hatch Safety System

Meets OSHA Requirement 1926.501(b) (4)

Garlock Safety System’s HatchProtector is the perfect solution for keeping employees and contractors alike; safe when on your roof.

Customers prefer its compression fit, non-penetrating design which has no possibility of creating a leak in the roof or the hatch.

They have a wide adjustment range in both length and width eliminating precise measuring.

A color-matched self-closing EasyFit™ gate is included so the fall hazard is always protected without the worker even thinking about it.


OSHA considers rooftop hatchways as holes that must be guarded to prevent people from falling into the hatch. Garlock’s HatchProtector is a fully OSHA compliant hatch guarding solution that is easy to set up and provides complete fall protection.

It uses a simple compression fit design that eliminates holes from being drilled into the roof so there is no possibility of introducing water leaks in the roof or hatch and maintains the roof and hatch warranty.

Every HatchProtector is equipped with a color matching, spring loaded self-closing EasyFit™ gate. This OSHA approved gate automatically closes after the person has passed through it preventing someone from falling though this guard rail opening.

  • OSHA compliant three sided guard rail system and self-closing gate for the exit/entrance side
  • Installs quickly with simple hand tools, no drilling required
  • Safety yellow pads for the stanchions protect the roof’s surface
  • Multiple sizes and adjustable in length and width ensures a perfect fit every time
  • Standard HatchProtectors ideal for popular hatch configurations, Fit-Rite HatchProtectors for unusual hatches and applications
  • Standard HatchProtectors available with galvanized or safety yellow powder coated rails with color matched safety gate


  • Choice of three standard sizes with either galvanized or safety yellow rails.
  • Standard or large Fit-Rite HatchProtectors for difficult to solve hatch applications.
  • Deluxe grab bar highly recommended for increased security and safety when entering or exiting the hatch.
Hatch Protector Deluxe Grab Bars With Entering The Roof

Deluxe Grab Bars

Hatch Protector Deluxe Grab Bars With EasyFit Gate

Deluxe Grab Bars

Hatch Protector Deluxe Grab Bars Right

Deluxe Grab Bars


Top rail height 42”
Mid rail height 20”
Rail material Steel
Rail finish Galvanized, powder coated safety yellow or custom color
Stanchion material Steel
Stanchion finish Galvanized
Mounting type Mechanical compression fit, no drilling
Gate opening Left or right swing
Gate finish Galvanized slide and hinges, plate galvanized or safety yellow, color matched to the main HatchProtector.
Plastic stanchion pads Safety yellow

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Part No Description
452-010-001 30-36” x 36-54” hatches, gate included, safety yellow
452-011-001 30-36” x 96-114” hatches, gate included, safety yellow
452-012-001 32-48” x 42-60” hatches, gate included, safety yellow
452-010-600 30-36” x 36-54” hatches, gate included, galvanized
452-011-600 30-36” x 96-114” hatches, gate included, galvanized
452-012-600 32-48” x 42-60” hatches, gate included, galvanized
405999 Deluxe grab bar, zinc plated


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