Passive Fall Protection Safety Products


Fall Prevention for Fixed Ladders

Meets OSHA Requirements 1910.29(b) and 1926.502(b)

One of the most dangerous situations on a roof is when you reach the top of a fixed ladder. One misstep to the left or right and backward when standing at the leading edge can result in a fall.

LadderGuard prevents this by putting a physical barrier between the fall edge and people. The ladder connectors and guardrails provide a safe passageway to escort people safely 6’ away from the fall edge once they pass through the self-closing gate.

LadderGuard is non-penetrating into the roof and has provisions for being the starting point for a full perimeter fall prevention plan using warning lines and/or guardrails.

  • Provides an OSHA compliant fall prevention system for fixed ladders
  • Weighted bases are used rather than fasteners which can introduce leaks
  • Adjustable ladder connectors close the gap between the ladder and the guard rails
  • Ladder connectors can be attached to round or square ladder handrails
  • A self-closing gate 6’ away from the edge completes the system.


Optional EasyFit™ Self-Closing Gate
Add for extra protection.


Self closing gate EasyFit gate with yellow or galvanized plate
Rail height 42”
Mid-rail height 20”
Rail dimensions 5’ long, 1.62” in diameter
Base material Steel
Base Finish Galvanized
Base dimensions 5.88” H X 8” D X 44” W
Ladder connector adjustment range 24” to 34”
Ladder connector fastening No drilling compression fit onto round or square ladder hand rails

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Part No Description
449-001-001 6’ system complete, without gate, safety yellow
449-001-600 6’ system complete, without gate, galvanized
449-002-001 6’ system complete, with EasyFit gate, safety yellow
449-002-600 6’ system complete, with EasyFit gate, galvanized
449-003-600 6’ system complete, modular Fit-Rite components, galvanized
449-004-600 6’ system complete, modular Fit-Rite components, with gate, galvanized

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