Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

Cobra Cart™

Mobile Fall Arrest Systems

Meets OSHA Requirement 1926.502(d) (15) and (16)

New for 2020 is the optional SRL (Self Retracting Lifeline) tray. It can hold up to three 50’ SRLs and keeps them elevated off the surface to protect them from debris to extend the life of this investment.

With multiple workers on a jobsite requiring Personal Fall Arrest systems, the Cobra Cart™ Multi-Man is the solution. Cobra Cart™ offers workers OSHA compliant anchor points when doing leading-edge work.


  • Provides fall arrest for three workers, and fall restraint for two.
  • Heavy duty cart with flat free tires moves easily across uneven surfaces to follow work flow.
  • Cobra-claw penetrates the surface quickly to arrest a fall stopping cart movement.
  • Large open deck provides space for generators, compressors, or storage box.


Rescue Winch System

Add the rescue winch to aid in retrieval of fallen workers.

Cobra Cart™ Fall Alert

Add the Cobra Cart™ Fall Alert system to visually warn other workers a fall has occurred. When a fall is sensed, the system will flash the strobe and engage the siren.


Cobra Cart™ Standard Cobra Cart™ Deluxe
Fall Arrest Rating 3 people*
Fall Restraint Rating 2 people
Tool Box Optional Poly 7.5 ft3″ Standard Steel 8.5 ft3″
Parking Breaks Optional Standard
Material Rack Optional Standard
Rescue Winch Optional
Fall Alert Optional
Deck Space Front 22″ x 40″
Deck Space Rear 26″ x 40″ none
Length (with handle) 102″
Width 59″
Height 36″ 52″
Weight 1100 lbs.
Tires 18 x 8.50 Flat-free

*on 4000PSI Concrete slab rated for 1 person only

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