Skylights and Fall Prevention – OSHA Compliance & Solutions

1910.28(b)(3) Holes. The employer must ensure each employee is protected from falling through any hole (including
skylights) that is 4 feet (1.2 m) or more above a lower level by one or more of the following: cover, guardrail system,
travel restraint system or personal fall arrest system.

1910.28(b)(3)(ii) Each employee is protected from tripping into or stepping into or through any hole that is less than 4 feet (1.2 m) above a lower level by covers or guardrail systems.

What does this mean to you?
If the building has a hole or skylight that is more than 4’ above the surface below, fall prevention is required. One can use
covers, a guardrail system, travel restraint system, or personal fall arrest systems. If there is less than a 4’ fall, then the use of covers or a guardrail system may be used.

OSHA certified covers made from materials that let in natural light are a good fall prevention option. Covers or fall prevention guards are typically available for smaller and low domed skylights.

For large skylights or those that have high domes like tall pyramid domes, guard rail systems are typically needed. These
normally use bases and guard railing that meets all the OSHA regulations for leading-edge fall prevention.

Garlock Safety Systems Solutions

• Standard and custom sizes available.
• Galvanized screen resists corrosion.
• Heavy galvanized steel edge provides strength.


RailGuard 200
• Non-penetrating design retains watertight integrity of the roof.
• Many sizes and colors to choose from.
• Many options and accessories are available to meet unique applications.


• Standard and custom sizes available.
• Permanent or temporary skylight protection.
• Sets in place over the skylight for fast installation.


RailGuard 200™ Fit-Rite™
• Modular system constructed on-site to suit the application.
• Architectural stanchions for aesthetics.
• Galvanized fittings with choice of colors for rails.



• Modular design for out of box fit.
• Galvanized bases, stanchions, and fittings.
• Bases come standard with rubber pads.
• Freestanding non-penetrating design.


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