Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

ScreenGuard™ Skylight Covers

Economical Skylight Fall Prevention

Meets OSHA Requirements CAL OSHA 3212 (b) and (e) and 1926.501(b) (4)

ScreenGuardTM skylight fall prevention kits provide a cost-effective, OSHA and CAL OSHA fall prevention solution while retaining high light penetration.

ScreenGuard is non-penetrating so there are no screws or bolts that penetrate into the roof or the skylight itself so it cannot introduce leaks or void the warranty of the roof or skylight. It secures to the curb of the skylight with a tight compression fit.

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  • OSHA compliant with both federal and CAL OSHA standards
  • The non-penetrating design will not introduce water leaks and will not void the warranty of the roof or skylight
  • Simple compression fit with simple hand tools
  • A wide range of sizes to accommodate the most popular skylights sizes, custom sizes available
  • Galvanized finish for long life
  • Significant light penetration retention


Sizes Offered in standard sizes and custom product capabilities
Finish Galvanized
Mesh diameter ¼”
Mesh openings 4” X 4”
Mesh material Galvanized steel
Mesh brackets Galvanized steel

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Part No Description
301314-2424 Fits 24” X 24” skylight frame, galvanized
301314-2828 Fits 28” X 28” skylight frame, galvanized
301314-2836 Fits 28” X 36” skylight frame, galvanized
301314-3636 Fits 36” X 36” skylight frame, galvanized
301314-3652 Fits 36” X 52” skylight frame, galvanized
301314-4242 Fits 42” x 42” skylight frame, galvanized
301314-5252 Fits 52” X 52” skylight frame, galvanized
301314-5353 Fits 53” X 53” skylight frame, galvanized
301314-52100 Fits 52” X 100” skylight frame, galvanized

* Please call for other sizes

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