Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

RailGuard 200™ Fit-Rite™ Safety Rail

Configurable Safety Guardrail System

Meets OSHA Requirements 1910.29(b) and 1926.502(b)

Custom perimeter modular safety rails just got easier with RailGuard™ Fit-Rite™ railing systems.

Garlock’s RailGuard 200™ Fit-Rite™ Safety Rail is the ideal choice for ensuring fall protection in various settings. This innovative system meets the safety standards of OSHA Requirements 1910.29(b) and 1926.502(b), guaranteeing a safe environment for workers at elevated heights. What sets RailGuard 200™ apart is its exceptional versatility and ease of installation. With complete customization options, this safety rail system can be tailored to fit any rooftop, mezzanine, or loading dock configuration. Its modular design allows for quick and straightforward assembly, saving time and ensuring hassle-free installation.

  • OSHA compliant and third-party verified when installed correctly
  • A modular system consisting of straight galvanized pipe and a wide variety of fittings that can be used to build about anything one can imagine
  • Choose from three different predrilled stanchions, straight, inclined, or curved
  • Can be used with metal bases, Set and Prevent base, standing seam plates, or permanent mount bases.
  • Hot dipped galvanized finish for long-lasting value
  • Rails or pipes can be powder coated in a wide variety of colors.
  • Easy to cut and assembly using the included set screws
  • Pipes cut to fit on-site for the absolute perfect fit regardless of the application
  • Thick-walled pipe and fittings for extra durability and low cost of ownership


Permanent Mount
This wall/floor mount is used in this orientation to mount onto the floor and attach a pipe to make a vertical stanchion. Anchors are sold separately.

90 Degree
Used in this orientation to make a 90 degree turn from a vertical stanchion to a horizontal run. In this case, the horizontal run will be in alignment with the vertical stanchion.

The most common application is to use it in this orientation where it is attached to the top of the stanchion and allows a pipe to be slid through the tee without cutting the horizontal pipe.

Swivel Joint
A swivel allows two pipes to be joined together at different angles.

Short Crossover
This crossover is a very popular fitting to make structures with less cutting of pipes. In this orientation, it is slid onto a vertical stanchion and the horizontal pipe is slid through the fitting without cutting it. Requires access to each end of the pipes.

External splice sleeve
An external splice sleeve is used two join two pipes together to make a long run vertically or horizontally. It slips over the outside of the pipes and is tightened down.

Internal splice sleeve
This internal splice sleeve also joins two pipes together but grips the internal walls of the pipe through an expansion mechanism.

Double Tee
The most common application for this fitting is to join two horizontal pipes at a stanchion where the pipes are in alignment with the stanchion.

Crossover T
A split crossover is used for the same application but used where there is no access to the end of a pipe.

Choose a weighted base

Three sizes of standing seam base plates (clamps and base ordered seperatly)

3 different rates to choose from

Add a self-closing gate to complete the system


Pipe 1.25 thick wall schedule 40
Pipe finish Hot dipped galvanized (or custom color)
Fitting finish Hot dipped galvanized
Pipe dimensions 1.25” X 21’ (10.5’ nominal available to save on shipping)
Stanchions Straight, inclined or curved with pre-drilled hole for metal base or Set and Prevent base and includes stanchion fittings

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Part No Description
429829 21 ft. rail pipe, galvanized
427302 10 ft. (10.5 ft. nominal) rail pipe, save freight cost vs. 21 ft. pipe, galvanized
429829S 21 ft. rail pipe, safety yellow
427302G+yellow 10 ft. (10.5 ft. nominal) rail pipe, save freight cost vs. 21 ft. pipe, safety yellow

*Call for other accessories and rail colors (fittings only in galvanized)

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