Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

Trench Box Clamp System

Meets OSHA Requirement 1926.502(b)

OSHA compliant leading edge fall protection system for use with trench boxes or trench shields.

Total Trench Box Safety
Trench boxes provide safety for workers in the trench. What about workers working near the fall edge of the trench? For above ground fall prevention rely on Garlock Safety System’s heavy duty trench box clamp and RailGuard 200™ railing.

Easy Setup
One person can quickly install the Trench Box Clamp to trench boxes ranging from 1” to 9” thick. The heavy duty tensioner screw can be tightened by hand or for maximum productivity use a speed wrench. Use tools to reach the required torque of 90 foot-pounds.

Install the railing and workers are now protected and can safely work near the trench edge.

  • Meets OSHA requirements
  • Heavy duty construction and zinc plated
  • Wide adjustment range from 1” to 9” thick trench walls
  • Quick installation
  • Uses a wide range of RailGuard 200™ rails in safety yellow or galvanized finish

Clamping Range
1” to 9”

Rail Height
42” above the trench box

Zinc Plated

14 lbs.

Required Final Torque
90 Foot Pounds

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