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Maintenance Hole Fall Prevention System

Meets OSHA Requirements 1926.502(b)(11) and 1926.502(b)(13)

Whether you refer to them as access covers, sewer covers, manhole covers, hatch covers, or utility access points, once uncovered OSHA calls these hazards by just one name. They are all classified as holes under OSHA 1926.501(b)(4). The Garlock Safety Systems Maintenance Hole fall prevention system provides a fully OSHA-compliant system to protect workers from this danger.

Compliance Assured
There are many types of maintenance hole products that are typically designed to mark or highlight this type of hazard. Garlock Safety System’s Maintenance Hole protection solution goes far beyond that. It is third-party approved to assure you have a true and fully OSHA-compliant fall prevention solution in place. Two versions are available. P/N 427-001-001 has a 5’ swing gate that meets and exceeds the construction OSHA standard and P/N 427-002-001 has an EasyFit self-closing gate for general industry standards.

Fast and Easy Set-Up
Virtually anyone can set up the system ensuring compliance in as little as 10 minutes. Set the four bases on the ground, place the adjustable retaining legs over the base posts, slip in the rails and pin in place. It couldn’t be easier to set up and take down for short-term or long-term work.

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  • OSHA-compliant maintenance hole fall prevention systems keep workers at a ground level safe
  • Designed for round holes from 22” up to 49” and square holes measuring 22” to 40”
  • 42” safety yellow rails with red and white reflective sections for high visibility
  • Choose between the 5’ swing gate version for construction or the Self-Closing gate version for general industry
  • Can be securely anchored to the surface (optional, user-provided)


Round hole sizes 22” to 49”
Square hole sizes 22” to 40”
Top rail height 42”
Mid rail height 20”
Rail material Steel
Rail finish Powder coated safety yellow with red/white reflective decal
Anchoring Non-penetrating free standing design, anchoring optional (user provided)

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Part No Description
427-001-001 Maintenance hole protector with 5’ swing gate for construction, safety yellow
427-002-001 Maintenance hole protector with self-closing gate for general industry, safety yellow


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