Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

Self-Closing Gates

SlimFit, EasyFit, EasyFit XL

Meets OSHA Requirements 1910.29(b) and 1926.502(b)

All three of our self-closing gates feature a wide adjustment range that makes it easy to select a gate without tedious measuring.

If it looks like the gate is between 17” and 28” the SlimFit will work just fine and is more economical. If the opening seems more like it’s between 17” and 48” the EasyFit is an easy choice. If the opening is large, say 48” to 60” then go with the EasyFit Xl.

All our self-closing gates can open to the left or right and feature a galvanized slide for long life indoors or out. The SlimFit has a yellow slide plate and often requires the slide to be cut for the optimal fit. Both EasyFit gates can come with either a galvanized slid plate or is powder-coated safety yellow and cutting is seldom required.

All have the ability to change the vertical hinge positions which is helpful if there happen to be obstructions on the mounting post such as when mounting it to RailGuard 200 railings.

  • OSHA compliant family of self-closing gates for indoor or outdoor use
  • Universal mounting to 1” – 2” square or round hinge posts or can be wall-mounted
  • Wide adjustment range makes measuring almost obsolete
    • SlimFit™: Fits openings between 14” and 30”
    • EasyFit™: Fits openings from 17” to 48”
    • EasyFit™ XL: Fits openings from 17” to 60”
  • Vertical hinge adjustment capability for greater application flexibility
  • Galvanized slide and hinges for long life
  • Slot in large slide plate makes it easy add a lock for added security and control
  • Often the SlimFit slide will need to be cut for the perfect fit, two easy cuts with a hacksaw is all it takes


Closing method Torsion spring
Mounting 1” to 2” should or square post or wall mountable
Opens left or right
Slide and hinges The slide is galvanized with a slot for user-provided hasp and lock, hinges galvanized
SlimFit sliding mounting plate Steel, powder-coated safety yellow
EasyFit and EasyFit XL slide mounting plate Powder-coated safety yellow or galvanized, custom color optional
SlimFit opening sizes 17” to 30”
EasyFit opening sizes 17” to 48”
EasyFit Xl opening sizes 17” to 60”

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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