Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

SentryGuard™ Gates

Vertical Lift Cantilevered Gate

Meets OSHA Requirements 1926.502(b)(3) and (b)(4) and 1910.23(a) (2)

The SentryGuard gate is the fall prevention gate of choice for shipping and receiving dock doors and shipping pits in busy material handling applications. Once the semi-truck is backed up to the dock door or recessed shipping pit, the gate can be lifted as now the fall hazard is eliminated by the truck.

The depth of the gate is very small and consumes very little of the valuable floor space needed for receiving incoming goods or shipping products to customers. Compared to a swing gate; which requires large open areas to swing the gate open, the SentryGuard cantilevered gates open upward allowing you to take full advantage of the often limited workspace in shipping and receiving areas.

Single SentryGuard gates have a clear opening for 3’ to 10’ so they can be used for much more than dock doors. Fall prevention around floor holes where large materials need to pass through, pedestrian access and control, and separating people from machinery are other popular applications.

Split SentryGuard gates are used when the clear opening required is up to 14’ and also where height restrictions prohibit the use of a single SentryGuard gate.

  • OSHA compliant fall prevention for dock doors and so much more
  • Gas struts provide lift assistance making it easy to open by anyone
  • When open, the gas strut is up in the air away from passing goods and equipment preventing costly damage
  • Positive latching in the closed position and non-latching in the up position makes it secure yet simple to use
  • Application flexibility with the choice of either single or split gates to exactly match your application
  • Clear openings dimensions in one-foot increments standard, custom sizes by the inch available
  • Concrete anchors included
  • Optional keyed lock for access control available


Single gate clear opening sizes 3’ to 10’, one foot increments standard
Split gate clear opening sizes 6’ to 14’, one foot increments standard
Rails 1.75 square tubing, 0.083” wall thickness
Hinge post 2.5” square tubing, 0.25” wall thickness
Latch post 10 gauge steel
Mounting depth 8”

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Part No Description
428-037-001 6’ single gate kit, for use with 6’ door openings, safety yellow
428-061-001 8’ single gate kit, for use with 8’ door openings, safety yellow
428-085-001 10’ single gate kit, for use with 10’ door openings, safety yellow
428-537-001 12’ split gate kit, for use with 12’ door openings, safety yellow

* Please call for other sizes

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