Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

SentryGuard™ Gates

Versatile Gate Solution

Meets OSHA Requirements 1926.502(b)(3) and (b)(4) and 1910.23(a) (2)

Fall prevention gate to protect open loading docks, mezzanines and more. Two models: single opening and split opening. Single opening is designed for hazards up to 12 ft wide. Easy operation and OSHA compliant. Split opening is ideal for wider hazards and low ceiling heights

SentryGuard™ Mini

For openings 2’ to 6’ wide choose this gate that opens vertically assisted by gas struts. Also great for low overhead situations. Meets OSHA requirements.



Protect openings and loading docks with SentryGuard Gates. SentryGuard Mini is available to protect openings up to 6 ft. For larger openings, SentryGuard also has you covered. Single gates to 12 ft. wide are available in both manual and pneumatic models. Split opening models are ideal for wide openings or areas with low ceiling height clearance issues. Special mezzanine models also available. Simple power and air connections make installation quick.

  • Easy opening vertical Gate to protect dock or pit loading areas.
  • Single Opening Gates – either manual or automatic for openings up to 12 feet wide.
  • Split opening cantilever style accommodates wider openings & lower ceiling heights.
  • Custom sizes or applications. Contact us with your requirements.
  • Operation assisted by gas struts.
  • Gate locks in full open position.
  • Split Gates lock together at center in the closed position for added strength.
SentryGuard Mini Features
  • Easy opening vertical design for clearance.
  • Protects workers from stairway falls.
  • For openings up to 6 feet wide
  • Operation assisted by the gas strut.



Remote Control 

Wall Mounted Control


Available in sizes from 8 ft. to 18 ft.
Standard 12′ length fits most shipping pits
Eight concrete anchor bolts secure system
Latch Stand provides full engagement of Single Opening gate when closed

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