Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

TurboRail™ and Combo Clamp System

Temporary Leading Edge Fall Prevention Solutions for Roofing and Construction.

Meets OSHA Requirement 1926.502(b)

Garlock Safety Systems TurboRail system is the perfect solution for quickly constructing an OSHA-approved temporary leading-edge fall prevention solution.

The heart of the system is our versatile Combo Clamp for vertical surfaces like parapet walls. The heavy-duty zinc plated clamp has a clamping range from 6.5” to 24.5”, is adjustable in height, and accepts different stanchions. If the parapet won’t accept the clamp, separate the clamp into its two parts and one side becomes a screw-down bracket that is attached with lag bolts.

The posi-lock button lock stanchion is our most popular solution. It accepts loop-end rails that quickly and easily snap into place to create the top rail or mid rail. The loop-end rails are compact and take up little storage space between jobs. These reusable rails are a far greener solution than wasting 2 X 4 lumber and takes less time to construct a railing system.

Or choose the combination stanchion that accepts either loop-end rails or 2 X 4 lumber. We also offer a dedicated 2 X 4 stanchion for the job site provided 2 X 4 lumber.

If one prefers to use our GuardRail 200™ preformed rails, the Combo Clamp and preformed rail adapter is needed. The adapter has two ports to accept the rail legs. The rails can be adjusted in height to meet the OSHA height requirement.

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TurboRail™ saves money on the first job with faster set up/tear down and eliminates waste as compared to an on-site constructed 2 X 4 guardrail system. Once the TurboRail system is installed, workers do not have to tie-off to complete leading edge repairs safely and be OSHA compliant.

  • Allows complete access to the leading edge of the roof for greater productivity
  • Eliminates the need for harnesses and being tied off which hampers worker productivity
  • Combo Clamp is constructed of zinc plated heavy-duty steel for years of service
  • Powder-coated safety yellow stanchions are height adjustable to maintain OSHA compliance
  • Safety yellow loop-end rails used with the button lock or combo stanchion are easy to store and take up little space between projects
  • Combo Clamp can be deployed as either a clamp or it can be screwed down with lag bolts

Part No Description
407482 Combo clamp, 6.75” to 24.75” clamping range, zinc plated
407499 Combo stanchion for use with 2X4 lumber, safety yellow
407495 TurboRail button lock stanchion for use with looped-end TurboRails only, safety yellow
407314S 2X4 stanchion for use with user provided 2X4 lumber only, safety yellow
407309S 10’ looped-end rail for use as top or mid rail, safety yellow
409076S 8’ looped-end TurboRail for use as top or midrail, safety yellow
407311S 5’ looped-end TurboRail for use as top or midrail, safety yellow
407325Z 3-4 ft. adjustable railings
407326z 5-8 ft. adjustable railings

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