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Versatile Fall Protection Perimeter Safety System

Meets OSHA Requirements 1910.29(b) and 1926.502(b)

The premier leading edge rail protection system with heavy-duty steel clamps, stanchions, and snap-on horizontal rails offers a guardrail system that provides perimeter fall protection for all industrial workspaces.  Standard clamps work for low-edge roof details and parapet edges or optional Slab Grabber clamp for exposed slab edges. Fall protection and warning line systems are available up to 412-feet with steel storage boxes.

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TurboRail™ saves money on the first job with safer perimeter fall protection and improved worker productivity. Warning line systems require a minimum 6ft. distance from the roof edge. With TurboRail™, after set-up, workers do not require tie-off to complete edge to edge repairs.

  • Premium modular rail based leading edge fall prevention system.
  • Secures to parapet or slab edge enabling free access to the entire protected area.
  • Heavy duty 7 gauge 2 piece steel clamps mount easily to surface.
  • 16 gauge 48-inch long steel stanchions.
  • No- tool installation horizontal rails (fixed or adjustable).
  • Kits available in 100, 342 and 412-foot lengths.
  • 12 gauge steel storage box included for transport and storage.
Labor Savings Study Results Warning Line
(6ft. from perimeter)
Perimeter System
Activity/ Squares Hours Hours
Set Up Time/ 100 1.5 4
Tear-Off Inside Perimeter/ 76 228 300
Tear-Off Outside Safe Zone/ 24 144 0*
Tear-Off Outside Safe Zone/ 24 144 0*
Install inside Perimeter/ 76 114 150
Install Outside Safe Zone/ 24 72 0*
TOTAL DOLLARS ($50/hr) $27,975 $22,700
SAVINGS $5,275

*With TurboRail™ all install and tear-off work is performed within the safe zone.



Big Giant™ Trailer
Add the Big Giant™ Cart to more easily move your Turbo Carrier storage boxes around the job site.

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