Passive Fall Protection Safety Products


Open Top Pallet Gate for Elevated Workspaces

Meets OSHA Requirements 1910.29(b) and 1926.502(b)

LedgeGuard is a two-gate pallet and material transfer gate for protecting workers at height.

When the mezzanine side is closed, the load side gate is open ready to accept a pallet. Once the pallet is in position, closing the load side automatically opens the mezzanine side so the load can be moved to where it needs to go.

It has an open-top which is useful if your process involves hoisting materials into or out of the gate and it accommodates pallets of any height.

The base features ports to accept posts to build a mezzanine guardrail system using our permanent mount railing products to ensure the fall edge is blocked regardless of the guardrail opening the LedgeGuard is installed in.

  • OSHA compliant and workers always protected regardless of which side of the gate is open
  • Open top design for hoisting product in and out of the gate
  • Can be used for very tall pallets
  • Gas struts aid in opening and closing so it can be activated with little effort
  • Auxiliary post ports front and back makes it easy to use it as the basis of a guardrail system


Optional Ground Pole
The ground pole allows for someone at a lower level to open the load side of the gate.

Toe Boards
The optional toeboard keeps objects from falling onto people or property below.

Gate Dampening Devise
Reduces noise and gate bounce back, recommended for gates wider than 70”.


Sizes 57” X 60”, standard size for one pallet, custom sizes available
Top rail height 42”
Mid rail height 20”
Maximum interior width 100”
Maximum interior depth 132”
Gas lift assist struts Two each
Transmission Maintenance-free differential
Material Steel
Finish Powder-coated safety yellow

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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