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Open Top Pallet Safety Gate

Meets OSHA Requirements 1910.29(b) and 1926.502(b)

LedgeGuard is a two-gate pallet and material transfer gate for protecting workers at height.

When the mezzanine side is closed, the load side gate is open ready to accept a pallet. Once the pallet is in position, closing the load side automatically opens the mezzanine side so the load can be moved to where it needs to go.

It has an open-top which is useful if your process involves hoisting materials into or out of the gate and it accommodates pallets of any height.

The clear opening is 59.8” wide which gives plenty of room for standard 40” wide pallets and has a depth of 61.9” that easily accommodates 48” deep pallets. The gate requires at least 84” of ceiling clearance.

The opening in the mezzanine railing systems can be as narrow as 68.2”. If the guardrail opening is larger, Garlock Safety Systems has a number of solutions that will close off any gaps between the gate and the railing to ensure a safe work area and OSHA compliance.  OSHA states that any gaps cannot exceed 19” in width.

OSHA 1926.502(b)(2)(iii)
Intermediate members (such as balusters), when used between posts, shall be not more than 19 inches (48 cm) apart.

  • OSHA compliant and workers always protected regardless of which side of the gate is open
  • Open top design for hoisting product in and out of the gate
  • Can be used for very tall pallets
  • Easy to open without the use of gas struts for the lowest cost of ownership


Optional Ground Pole
The ground pole allows for someone at a lower level to open the load side of the gate.

Toe Boards
The optional toeboard keeps objects from falling onto people or property below.


Nominal size 66” X 60”
Top rail height 42”
Mid rail height 21”
Clear opening width 59.8”
Clear opening depth 61.9”
Maximum outside mounting width 68.2”
Maximum outside mounting depth 70.35″
Maximum height 83.44”
Transmission Maintenance free hardened gear set
Material Steel
Gate Hardware Included
Mounting anchors Purchased separately
Finish Powder coated safety yellow

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Part No Description
431-001-001 LedgeGuard mezzanine gate system with a 60” x 60” pallet space

* Please call for other sizes

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