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Manual Closing Swing Gates

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The Floor Mounted Swing Gate is a simple and versatile solution. This solution includes a latching mechanism that can be mounted to a wall and a Floor Mounted hinge post that once anchored to the floor provides a simple and compliant solution. : The kit is designed to accept 4’ to 12’ RailGuard 200 rail (sold separately) so that you can choose the size that fits your application.



  • Protect loading docks, stairways, and elevated loading points with a workplace swing gate system
  • OSHA compliant latching mechanism that assures workers are properly protected from fall hazards
  • Gates come in sizes from 4 feet to 12 feet
  • Rail height 42″
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated Wheel
  • Wall Mounted Latch

Available in Safety Yellow or Galvanized Railguard.

The Floor Mounted Manual Swing Gate is designed for use with RailGuard 200™ railing. Choose from safety yellow, galvanized or from a wide range of custom colors. It accepts rails from 4’ to 12’ to protect a wide range of openings.

Kit Includes:

  • Floor Mounted Hinge
  • Wall Mounted Latch
  • Rail sold separately

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