Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

Everlast™ 200 Warning Lines

Permanent Visual Warning System

Meets OSHA Requirement 1926.502(f)(2)

This permanent warning line system utilizes the cost-effective Set and PreventTM base to create a high-value warning line system. Form-fitting rubber pads and its non-penetrating design maintains the watertight integrity and warranty of the roof. Flags are constructed of hard safety yellow flags with fade-resistant anti-UV additives and are spaced at 6’ for durability and to meet OSHA standards.

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  • OSHA compliant with thirty party verification
  • Kit includes three bases, pads, stanchions, pins, 100’ of hard plastic flags, and all hardware
  • Kit is designed to connect one kit to another, to make a single stand-alone 100’ run, purchase an additional base, pad, pin, and end stanchion
  • Choice of yellow or zinc plated stanchions
  • Plastic coated stainless steel cable with aluminum riveted flags for long life


  • Purchase an additional base, pad, pin, and end stanchion to make a dedicated standalone 100’ run of warning line.

Metal Flags

Add optional metal flags for long life.

Hatch Protector Deluxe Grab Bars With EasyFit Gate

Base and Stanchion

Add additional base and stanchion for more stability.


Cable length 100’, looped ends with carabiners
Stanchion spacing 33’ max spacing with 33’ of excess cable to connect to the next system or purchase an additional bas, pad, pin and end stanchion to make a stand alone 100’ run.
Cable type Stainless steel, plastic coated
Flags Hard plastic safety yellow with 6’ spacing
Stanchion height 39” tie off height
Stanchion finish Safety yellow or zinc plated
Cable attachment method ¾” nut
Set and Prevent base weight 103 lbs.
Set and Prevent base dimensions 29.5” L X 9.5” W X 7.1” H

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Part No Description
436-001-001 EverLast 200 Warning Line, yellow stanchions, and Set and Prevent bases
436-002-601 EverLast 200 Warning Line, zinc stanchions, and Set and Prevent bases


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