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RailGuard 200 Safety Rail

Non-Penetrating Safety Guardrail System


Meets OSHA Requirement: OSHA 1910.23(c)

From the leaders in Passive Fall Protection, RailGuard Safety Guardrail systems protect employees or any contractor/ serviceman who may not be familiar with your Safety Policy requirements. With a passive guardrail system installed, you will have piece of mind that Safety is always in place.

THE ORIGINATOR: For more than 30 years, RailGuard 200 has been protecting workers at-height. RailGuard exceeds OSHA requirements for temporary and permanent guardrail applications.



NON-PENETRATING: Maintain rooftop integrity with the weighted base design. Simply place the base in the desired location, drop in the rail section and pin it. No tools or drilling required.

CUSTOMIZABLE: RailGuard is available in 3 standard sizes with your choice of finish. For that last section or obstacle, select an adjustable rail section. Add a self closing or swing gate to complete your system.

NOT JUST FOR ROOFTOPS: RailGuard 200 systems can also be used for loading docks/pits, mezzanines, or machine guarding. A variety of permanent base mounting styles are available. Let your Garlock Representative help you build a soulution for your passive fall protection needs.




Available in seven different colors.

Adjustable Toeboard

Adjustable Toe Boards
Toe-boards should be used for applications with no parapet where debris can be kicked and fall. Telescoping steel 2x4 fits base. Four lengths available.

Base Carrier

Railguard 200 Adjustable Safety Rails
Made to adjust for the last section of safety rail to give your system a perfect finish. Available in 4 different sizes.

Centurion Cart

Centurion Cart
Keep RailGuard 200 components organized and ready. Carries up to eight base plates and seven rail sections. Integrated winch lifts the base plates. Large flotation tires roll easily, lifting ring for hoisting.

Base Carrier

Base Transporter
Base Transport is an invaluable piece when frequent repositioning of bases is required. Heavy bases can be moved easily with this simple carrier.

Goliath Base Storage

Goliath Base Storage
Included with Goliath cart are 3 base plate storage racks. Each rack holds 8 base plates. Integrated fork pockets for transport.

Goliath Winch

Goliath Winch
Add the Optional Goliath winch to ease lifting and positioning of base plates.

Goliath Mega Cart

Goliath Mega Cart
Store, transport and deploy your RailGuard 200 railing system with Goliath Mega Cart. Carries 190-feet of railing sections along with a 5’ swing gate, base transporter and steel toeboards.



Base Plate
Mounts up to four rail sections
Allows 90° or 45° turns
Narrow 3-1/4” space between rails 90 lbs.

Rail Sections
Top Rail Height = 42” tall
Mid-Rail Height = 20” tall
Three standard lengths: 10’, 7’ 6”, 5’
Custom sizes and colors available
Standard rail section 16 ga. welded steel.

Usage Recommendations
1. End all configurations with either a closed loop that connects all bases
and rail sections or the use of a 5 foot Outrigger System to provide
the needed counterbalance.
2.Configurations with Outrigger Systems require one additional base.
3. Locking pins must be used to secure all rails into the bases.
4. Use toe boards when there is a danger of materials falling.


 RailGuard 200 safety rail has been deemed OSHA compliant by an  independent certified Safety Engineering firm. Test results  available upon request.

RailGuard System
RailGuard System
RailGuard System
RailGuard System
Railguard with Toe-Boards Installed
4-Way Intersection
Safety Rail
Standard Galvanized Base
Optional Yellow Base- with pads
Locking Pin
Adjustable Safety Rail


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