Case Study: Garlock Secures the Rooftop for a Global Pharma Company


In the spring of last year, a top 10 global pharmaceutical company was faced with a challenge. Their safety standards were not living up to their reputation. Like all pharmaceutical companies, their reputation was of utmost importance and maintaining a safe environment for their employees and contractors was an integral part of their reputation in the global marketplace.

Pharmaceutical companies have a lot of complexities that the facility manager must balance daily. Take one look at the roof of a pharma company, for example, and you will find surveillance equipment, security systems, telecommunications equipment, filtration systems, HVAC components, material transfer equipment and fi re suppression equipment. These are just a portion of the systems facility managers must keep operating at near-perfect levels to ensure the security of the building and the integrity of the product being developed and manufactured.


The Challenge:

This company’s safety and facility management team noted that there was a regular flow of contractors and employees that access the roof to maintain this world-class facility. To preserve the company’s good reputation and provide a safe structure, the facility manager wanted to provide the most effective type of fall protection and prevention available to these contractors and employees. They engaged Diamond Tool and Garlock Safety Systems to help provide the best possible solution.


According to OSHA’s hierarchy of fall protection, the safest way to prevent a fall from heights is to provide passive fall protection, such as a guardrail. A physical barrier around unprotected edges or openings is second only to eliminating the hazard, which is not possible on a rooftop. “For a small investment in the facility, the company could provide a compliant, safe solution while giving employees and contractors peace of mind when working on the roof. It is like an insurance policy that is pro-active,” noted Mike Anderson, Garlock’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.


The Solution:

The facility manager chose Garlock’s RailGuard Fit-Rite railing system, which can be customized and assembled on site. The flexible, modular system can be cut, assembled, and installed to protect the roof edge, skylights, hatches, and other hazards of any dimension.


The Result:

With a safety solution in place, the facility manager is now focused other areas of need knowing that they have installed the safest possible rooftop protection program, according to the hierarchy of fall protection. The company’s reputation is now as secure and safe as their employees and contractors.


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