Garlock Safety Systems is a company that specializes in providing fall prevention solutions that are OSHA compliant. Our products are designed to protect workers from falling in a variety of settings, including healthcare facilities, educational institutions, manufacturing facilities, and food and beverage processing plants.

Some of the specific areas that Garlock Safety Systems’ products are designed to protect include hatchways, serviceable equipment within six feet of a fall edge, step over hazards, fixed ladders, elevated shipping and receiving dock areas, skylights, and smoke hatches. Our product line includes the HatchProtector™, RailGuard 200™ Safety Guardrail, LadderGuard™, ScreenGuard™ Skylight Covers, SentryGuard™ Gates, and Crossover Stairs.

By using Garlock Safety Systems’ fall prevention solutions, businesses can help ensure the safety of their people while also complying with OSHA regulations.