Passive Fall Protection Safety Products


Universal Self Closing Swing Gate

Meets OSHA Requirements 1910.29(b) and 1926.502(b)

OSHA compliant gate that protects workers from stairway and ladder falls. Two-piece gate for adjustability with 4 adjustable sizes to 48 inches. Spring loaded hinge provides self-closing gate feature.


For areas that require access but should be normally closed, use of a Self-Closing Swing Gate is recommended. Four standard adjustable models are available, depending on your opening size. Custom sizes, colors and galvanized options make the Garlock VersaGate the solution.

  • Protects workers from entry/exit falls
  • Two-piece gate for adjustability to fit varying widths
  • 4 standard models and universal left/right mounting
  • The spring-loaded hinge provides self-closing feature
  • Adjustable Hinge height for universal mounting
  • The universal clamp will fit flat or round post or rail


Available in seven different colors.


Closing method: Spring loaded

Adjustable Model Widths:
17″ to 23″
24” to 30”
30” to 36”

36” to 42”
42″ to 48″

Universal mount to different diameter railings or posts.

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