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GR310 – Forklift Rated Pedestrian Protection

Forklift Rated Pedestrian Protection

Meets OSHA Requirement 1910.176(a)
Our GR310 Forklift Rated Protective Guardrail System is meticulously engineered and tested in-house to Comply with ANSI MH31.2-201 at 3mph with 10,000lb. fork truck. Designed for optimal pedestrian protection, this robust guardrail system safeguards your employees from forklift accidents, enhancing workplace safety and compliance.
Manage traffic flow
The GR310 acts as a formidable shield, strategically managing the flow of traffic within your facility. Its primary focus is on minimizing intersections between forklifts and pedestrians, a pivotal element in creating a secure work environment. By implementing the GR310, businesses can take a proactive stance in reducing the risk of collisions, safeguarding both personnel and valuable equipment.
Protect your people
The GR310 goes a step further by significantly reducing the risk of accidents, including forklift crashes into racking structures that could lead to potential fatalities. In embracing the GR310, organizations not only invest in the latest safety solution but also prioritize the well-being of their most valuable asset—their people.
Osha Compliant
Additionally, the GR310 meets OSHA requirements 1910.176(a), ensuring that your safety measures align with industry standards and regulations.

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  • Enhance safety by strategically controlling traffic
  • Significantly reduce the risk of accidents between forklifts, pedestrians and racking
  • Meets OSHA requirements OSHA 1910.176(a)
  • Contributes to a safer and more stable work environment


Bollard 4”x4” Post with 1/4” wall mounted to 1/2” plate
Mounting Four 3/4” concrete anchors
Top Panel Height 42”
Bottom Panel Height 15”
Panel 1/8”

Avaliable in 1 foot increments from 2ft to 10ft.
Tested in house to Comply with ANSI MH31.2-201 at 3mph with 10,000lb fork truck.
Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

432-001-001 Bollard assembly
432-011-001 Corner bollard assembly
432-002-001 Two rib guardrail safety yellow – 2ft
432-003-001 Two rib guardrail safety yellow – 3ft
432-004-001 Two rib guardrail safety yellow – 4ft
432-005-001 Two rib guardrail safety yellow – 5ft
432-006-001 Two rib guardrail safety yellow – 6ft
432-007-001 Two rib guardrail safety yellow – 7ft
432-008-001 Two rib guardrail safety yellow – 8ft
432-009-001 Two rib guardrail safety yellow – 9ft
432-010-001 Two rib guardrail safety yellow – 10ft
432-012-001 Swing gate mount safety yellow
432-013-001 Bollard assembly single height
432-014-001 Corner bollard assembly single height
432-015-001 Swing gate kit – mount and gate
432-129-001 45-degree bracket
432-125-001 Drop in pockets

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