Garlock Safety Systems™ is an industry leader in keeping workers safe at height. Our wide array of solutions are OSHA compliant to keep people safe and are designed to partner with the latest innovations in material handling to keep your workers productive.

Innovation is a driving force not only in logistics and material handling but it is what drives (or what has driven) Garlock Safety Systems to be the customer preferred choice for in-plant passive fall prevention solutions.

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Ground Level Fall Hazards

For fast-paced elevated loading docks and shipping pits, the most popular fall prevention solution is a cantilevered gate that lifts up and out of the way like our single and split SentryGuard gates. Split gates are the product of choice when faced with low ceiling heights. A floor-mounted swing gate is another option but requires more open floor space to swing it open. There are number of bases options to mount guardrail around the perimeter of shipping pits to eliminate this fall hazard.

Protecting stairs leading from the dock area to ground level is best accomplished with a self-closing swing gate. For stairs that are between 17” and 48”, our OSHA compliant EasyFit gate is a simple and elegant solution. For larger openings, we have a number of other gate options that will ensure your workers remain safe while remaining productive.


Protect open loading docks, stairwells, shipping pits, limiting access, and more.

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Floor Mounted Swing Gate

Protect loading docks, stairways, and pedestrian access points.

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EasyFit™ Gate

protects workers from falls, or limit access to hazardous areas.

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Permanent Mount Railings

Protect loading docks, stairways, mezzanines or machinery hazard areas.

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Elevated Fall Hazards

Mezzanines continue to grow in popularity, which means there are more and more people are working at height. Guardrail 200 and permanent mount bases fulfill the requirement of protecting workers from the fall hazard around the perimeter. But what about when pallets of material have to move up and down from the mezzanine? To protect employees during this process one can choose between rollback gates or a dual cantilevered gate such as our LedgeGuard offering. In both cases, workers are protected because when the load side is open to accept a pallet, the mezzanine side gate is closed blocking the fall hazard. The same is true when the mezzanine worker needs to move the pallet. In this case, the mezzanine side gate is open and the load side gate is closed. Our pallet flow gates are designed for those companies that have implement pallet flow lanes in their material handling business.

Pallet Flow Gates

Allows one-way flow of pallets.

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Protects workers when moving material up and down from elevated levels.

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Rollback Gate – Floor Mounted

Anchored to the floor, this freestanding gate protects workers on elevated access points for material transfer.

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Rollback Gate -Rack Mounted

Same funtionality as the floor mouted version but mounts within rack uprights.

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