NSC Congress & Expo

Come to visit us at the 2018 NSC in Houston, TX October 22 to the 24th. Stop by our Booth #3334 to learn how Garlock Safety Systems can help with your fall prevention needs.


Experience Virtual Reality: Be the first to try our exciting passive fall prevention VR experience and a chance to win a $200 gift card while experiencing firsthand the security of Garlock Safety Systems at an unnerving 65 stories!

Meet Our New Director of Sales Tom Atkinson: Tom is responsible for managing the future success of Garlock Safety Systems by assuring we continue to be the trusted advisor to any facility that needs help with their fall prevention systems.

Learn More About Our Fall Solutions:  Try our products and talk to our team to learn how we can help you eliminate falls without disrupting your operations.  Create a plan for your facility to equip it with OSHA compliant fall prevention systems that assure you Leave No DoubtTM that your workers are safe from deadly falls.

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