Passive Fall Protection Safety Products

TurboCable Fall Protection System

Customizable Perimeter Safety

Meets OSHA Requirement 1926.501(b)(1)

A leading edge cable clamp system with heavy-duty steel clamps and stanchions. Uses the same cable clamp and stanchion components as the TurboRail system for maximum interchangeability. Systems are available up to 540-feet with steel storage boxes.


TurboCable saves money on the first job with improved worker productivity. Warning line systems require a minimum 6ft. distance from roof edge. With TurboCable, after set-up, workers do not require tie-off to complete edge-to- edge repairs.

  • Cable based modular leading edge fall prevention system.
  • Secures to parapet or slab edge enabling free access to entire protected area.
  • Meets OSHA 1926.501(b)(1)
  • Heavy duty 7 gauge 2 piece steel clamps mount easily to surface.
  • 16 gauge 48 inch long steel stanchions
  • Kits available in 220 and 440 foot lengths.
  • 12 gauge steel storage box included for transport and storage.


Labor Savings Study Results Warning Line
(6ft. from perimeter)
Perimeter System
Activity/ Squares Hours Hours
Set Up Time/ 100 1.5 10
Tear-Off Inside Perimeter/ 76 228 300
Tear-Off Outside Safe Zone/ 24 144 0*
Tear-Off Outside Safe Zone/ 24 144 0*
Install inside Perimeter/ 76 114 150
Install Outside Safe Zone/ 24 72 0*
TOTAL DOLLARS ($50/hr) $27,975 $23,000
SAVINGS $4,975


*With TurboCable all install and tear-off work is performed within the safe zone.


Optional Force Scale
Add the (2) Optional Force scales for peace of mind on the jobsite. Installs between
cable and come-along and visually displays when cable tension is correct.

Big Giant Trailer
Add the Big Giant Cart to more easily move your Turbo Carrier storage boxes around
the jobsite.



200 ft. 440 ft. 540 ft.
Stanchions 10 21 26
TurboClamp 10 21 26
End Stanchion 4 4 4
Mid Brace 11 22 27
End Brace 8 8 8
Dimensions (L x W x H in.) 128 x 39 x 20 128 x 39 x 37 128 x 39 x 37
Weight (lbs.) 950 1750 2100

Safety Ratings: Meets applicable OSHA 1926.502 standards for fall protection.

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