LifePoint Duo™ STOP System

Dual Person Fall Arrest


Meets OSHA 1926.502(d) Fall Arrest

The LifePoint Duo is a mobile tie-off device that provides fall protection for two people: Fall Arrest for one and Fall Restraint for one, or Fall Restraint for two. LifePoint Duo works without penetrating the roof. With the handle folded back the body of the LifePoint rests securely on the roof deck to provide the fall resistance needed to protect two people. The ratcheted handle lifts the body of the unit up onto its wheels allowing it to be moved as needed




The LifePoint Duo is the perfect solution for a 2 person fall protection when circumstances require non-penetrating versatility. LifePoint provides the answer with an easy to set up and quick-move solution.

• Non-Penetrating to preserve rooftop water integrity.

• Tie-off points for (1) Fall-arrest and (1) Fall-Restraint

• Easy to reposition

• Ratcheted handle enables the weighted body of the unit to lifted safely

• Fits in most service elevators

• Available with either open concrete can weights or cast weights



Description Specification
Empty Weight 200 lbs.
Loaded Weight 930 lbs.
Dimensions w/ handle retracted 70”= (L), 28”= (W), 20”= (H)
Dimensions w/ handle extended 190”= (L), 28”= (W), 42”= (H)
Tires Flat free solid
* Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Safety Ratings

• Powdercoated frame
• Galvanized weight pan with durable rubber bottom.

• Tie-off points for:
(1) person Fall Restraint rated AND
(1) person Fall Arrest rated

• 37 psi when in transport mode


Meets OSHA 1926.502(d)  Fall Arrest

Move LifePoint Duo handle into travel position.
Move LifePoint Duo handle into travel position.
Move LifePoint Duo handle into travel position.
Press handle release and lower weights into working position.
Connect lanyard to either Fall-Restraint or Fall-Arrest.
Raise Lifepoint
Flat-Tree rubber tires.
Cast weights or cans available.


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